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-======Vortrag: ​tbd ======+======Vortrag: ​3 easy improvements in your microservices architecture ​======
 Vortrag der [[:jug|Java User Group]]: Vortrag der [[:jug|Java User Group]]:
-Noch am abklären+hile microservices offer better scalability,​ they actually decrease performance and resiliency. I’ll show 3 areas in which it’s possible to cope with that.
-[[http://​www.jug-kl.de/​]]+While a microservices architecture is more scalable than a monolith, it has a direct hit on performance. 
 +To cope with that, one performance improvement is to set up a cache. It can be configured for database access, for REST calls or just to store session state across a cluster of server nodes. In this demo-based talk, I’ll show how Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid can help you in each one of those areas and how to configure it. Hint: it’s much easier than one would expect. 
 +Note that this talk will be held in English! 
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-name      : tbd+name      : 3 easy improvements in your microservices architecture
 wann_dt ​  : 2020-02-06 wann_dt ​  : 2020-02-06
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-speaker ​  : ​tbd+speaker ​  : ​Nicolas Fränkel
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